April 2015

April 2- Camelia Lounge-Art In the Pearl-  Chris Woitach, Paul Mazio, Shao Way Wu- 7-9PM

April 3- Arrivederci’s- Marilyn Keller, Mike Horsfall, Craig Snazelle- 8pm

April 25 – Blueprints Trio- Living Room Theater- Portland, OR-8pm

April 30 – Matthew Casey- private event

May 2- Matthew Casey-Riverside Country Club-private event

May 7- Arrivederci’s- Blueprints Trio

May 9- Matthew Casey- private event

May 10- Ray Hardiman-Wilsonville Holiday Inn-private event

May 16- Five O Three- Blueprints Trio-Lake Oswego-8pm

May 29-Rex Putnam High School-Mike Horsfall, Craig Snazelle

May 30 Rex Putnam High School-Mike Horsfall, Craig Snazelle

June 4 Camelia Tea Zone-In Town Jazz-student showcase-Shao Way Wu, Dave Averre plus students from Western Oregon University 7-9

June 10- Mike Pardew- private event

June 12- Blueprints Trio-Living Room Theater-Portland- 8pm

June 13- Matthew Casey Trio- private event

June 17- Solae’s- East West Trio- Shao Way Wu, Ethan Meier

June 25- Crosswinds Big Band, Aurora, Or. 6-8

June 27- Blueprints Trio- Chinese Gardens- private event

June 28- Radiant Church 10am

July 2- Intown Jazz- Camelia Tea Zone- East West Trio- Shao Way Wu, bass  Ethan Meier, piano

July 5- Camelia Tea Zone- Blueprints Trio- 4-6

July 17- Langdon Farms- Ray Hardiman, piano 6-9

July 18- Cathedral Park Jazz Festival- Blueprints Trio- time tba

July 19- Inhouse Jazz Newport, Or. George Mitchell, piano Shao Way Wu, bass- 2pm

July 23-Matthew Casey Trio- private event

July 26-Grand Lodge Hotel- Hillsboro- Jenny Davis vocal, Ted Enderle bass, Mike Horsfall, piano

August 5- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

August 6- Camelia Lounge- Annie Averre

August 8- Five O Three- Blueprints Trio

August 9- Solae’s – Mitzi Zilka,

August 12- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

August 15- Four Graces Vineyard- Ray Hardiman, Craig Snazelle

August 19 Rhythm Traders- Instruction

August 19- Women With Standards- Beaverton

August 20- Blueprints Trio- Aurora Colony Vineyards

August 26- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

August 28- Ray and Becky Hardiman- Langdon Farms

September 2- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

September 6- Blueprints Trio- St. Joseph’s Vineyard

September 9- Rhythm Traders- Instruction

September 10- Ray Hardiman- Aurora Colony Vineyards

September 11- Matthew Casey Trio- private event- Charbonneau Or.

September 12- Blueprints Trio- Zillah, Wa.

September 16- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

September 23- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

September 25- Ray and Becky Hardiman- Langdon Farms 6-8:30

September 30-Rhythm Traders- Instruction

October 2- Five O Three- Blueprints Trio

October 7-Rhythm Traders-Instruction

October 8- Blueprints Trio- Arrivederci’s Milwaukie, OR  – 7:00

October 9- Ray Hardiman, Toni Lincoln- Langdon Farms- 6:30

October 14- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

October 15- Ray Hardiman-West Cafe- private event

October 21-Rhythm Traders-Instruction

October 28- Rhythm Traders- Instruction

November 4- Rhythm Traders- Instruction

November 6- Blueprints Trio- Living Room Theater, Portland- 8:00-midnight

November 11- Matthew Casey Trio- The Quarry-private event

November 14-Blueprints Trio- Tualatin Country Club- private event

November 18- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

November 19 – Blueprints Trio- Five O Three, West Linn, Or.- 6:30-9:30

November 21 – Matthew Casey Trio- private event

December 3- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

December 9- Rhythm Traders- Instruction

December 12 – Blueprints Trio-Portland Youth Ballet- World Trade Center

December 13-Blueprints Trio- Portland Youth Ballet -World Trade Center

December 16- Rhythm Traders-Instruction

December 17- Arrivederci’s – Christmas Concert- Marilyn Keller, Mike Horsfall, Craig Snazelle, Matt Tabor

December 31-New Year’s Eve- private event


January 6-Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

January 7-Blueprints Trio-Christo’s, Salem,OR.

January 13-Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

January 20 Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

January 17-Corkscrew, Sellwood, OR.  Mikel Paul-Singer/songwriter

January 20-Arrivederci’s- Mikel Paul

January 21- Matthew Casey Trio-private event

January 27-Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

February 3- Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

February 6- Hockinson High School-jazz band clinic

February 6- Blueprints Trio–Five O Three Restaurant -West Linn, OR

February 7- Vie De Bohemme- Mitzi Zilka singer competition

February 10- Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

February 11 Matthew Casey Trio-private event

February 12 Matthew Casey Trio-private event

February 14 Matthew Casey Trio-private event

February 17-Rhythm Trader’s Instruction

February 19- Portland Jazz Festival-Arrivederci’s -Kat Kogswell and Blueprints Trio

February 24- Rhythm Trader’s- Instruction

March 4 Langdon Farms Ray Hardiman Trio

March 5 Hockinson High School Clinic

March 18 Matthew Casey private event

March 20 Aurora Colony Vineyard Ray Hardiman Trio

March 24 Portland Community College singers

April 3 Aurora Colony Vineyards

April 10 In House Jazz- Warren Rand, Shao Way Wu

April 11 Newport High School clinic

April 14 Aurora Colony Vineyards

April 17 Aurora Colony Vineyards

April 23 Five O Three- Ray Hardiman, Craig Snazelle

April 24 Aurora Colony Vineyards

May 6 Ray Hardiman Trio

May 15 Trio Dan-da Ray Hardiman, Shao Way Wu- Aurora Colony Vineyards

May 22 Trio Dan-da Ray Hardiman, Shao Way Wu

May 30 Trio Dan-da Ray Hardiman, Shao Way Wu

June 9 Ray and Becky Hardiman, Aurora Colony Vineyards

June 9 Putnam High School vocal concert

June 11 Camelia Tea Zone- Women With Standards

June 12 Trio Dan-da- Hotel Monaco- Portland

June 15 Arrivederci’s- Mike Horsfall, Craig Snazelle

June 19 private event

June 23 Ray and Becky Hardiman- Aurora Colony Vineyards

June 26 Trio Dan-da- Hotel Monaco- Portland

July 4 private event

July 10 Trio Dan-da -Hotel Monaco- Portland

July 14 Aurora Colony Vineyards – Bryant Allard

July 17- Cathedral Park Jazz Festival- Vocal Summit

July 21 – Aurora Colony Vineyards

July 22- private event

July 24- Hotel Monaco- Bill Beach piano- Shao Way Wu bass

July 26- private event

July 28- Aurora Colony Vineyards

July 30-31 Linfield College- Warren Rand, Steve Christofferson, Shao Way Wu, Gordon Lee  3:00 Mcminville OR

Aug. 5- Langdon Farms- Ray and Bekky Hardiman

Aug. 6- private event

Aug 14- Aurora Vineyards

Aug 25- Aurora Vineyards

Aug 27 private event

Aug 31- JoBar Portland – Randy Porter, piano- John Wiitala, bass, Annie Averre, vocals

Sept 1 Christo’s Salem OR – Randy Porter, John Wiitala, Annie Averre

Sept. 2 Jazz Station, Eugene, OR -Mikel Paul, piano- Craig Snazelle, bass

Sept. 3 – Arrivederci’s- Mikel Paul Trio

Sept. 4 – Cellar Tap- Mikel Paul Trio

Sept. 6- Corkscrew- West Linn- Mikel Paul Trio

Sept. 7- JoBar- Steve Christofferson, piano, Warren Rand ,sax, Shao Way Wu, bass, Annie Averre, vocal

Sept. 8 -Christo’s- Mikel Paul Trio

Sept. 9- private event

Sept. 16- Four Graces Vineyard- Bill Beach, piano, Craig Snazelle, bass

Sept. 29- Aurora Colony Vineyards- Ray and Becky Hardiman